Novice webmaster should learn more successful website

on the Internet is a mix of eight or nine years, he has done a few sites, although not earn any money, but it can barely maintain the family’s life, which summed up a little experience.

a personal website, after all, limited human and financial resources, the best location in a small point

IT now includes web content, such as Zhongguancun online, the Pacific computer network, we will surely have the ability to make such a big website, so we can choose which part, such as only the digital camera or MP3 or MP4, is currently more successful with IMP3.NET, he will only talk about MP3 player, the home page advertisement is usually about 20, listen to the acquaintance of an advertising price of 6000 yuan per month in January, then the corresponding income should be around 100 thousand, expenses in January there are tens of thousands of income.


two, the site must choose their own familiar to do, do more with

three, do not only do not have access to money to earn the site

went online to see, this site too much, although the website has a certain amount of access, but with no real advertising, such as hardware website, you can see very good (, online advertising is the 1 day event, and the same amount of access to other sites to find advertising 1 if the day is much harder.


four, to determine the site after the advertising antecedents

this must be clear, such as studying on the network to choose a good, and its home page advertising is also some, of course, Sohu’s outbound channel is also similar to some of the advertisers, we are determined to do such a site.


five, see more successful website, learn more from other people’s ideas to make money

recruitment websites nationwide there, while Chongqing recruitment network is a personal website, you big companies nationwide, I just do local, your company can make money, my local always earn money! Chongqing recruitment network in January to around 200 thousand in the same income, the fee is clear

six, do the same industry website can make money, as long as the location of good


seven, choose a good domain name is also more important

such as the Pacific computer network bear online this domain name is difficult to remember, the same site such as good to remember, in the long-term use, the user will have slowly transferred to the friendly website.

so I usually like to find a successful web site, see me

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