The light of the media intends to invest 39 million yuan Jagged Community

in March this year, three new board listed company Tiexue technology announcement, said the media culture and its holding subsidiary cavalry and Beijing enlight Limited jointly funded the establishment of a subsidiary. From the announcement, light cavalry invested 60 million yuan, invested 40 million yuan, each accounted for 60% of the registered capital and 40%. The establishment of a subsidiary, and the light of the media to cooperate in Studio Entertainment, on IP network literature has made the film adaptation of cavalry, made into a TV drama and issue.

announced last month, April 22nd evening, light media will be 39 million yuan to subscribe for the (833658) new shares of about 2987528 shares, representing the total issued share capital of 5%, the content of cooperation and similar to last month.

Tiexue was founded in 2001, founded at the beginning there have been famous military works of "Snow Leopard", "penetration", 2007, Tiexue formed a community + electricity supplier model, focusing on the military culture brand, provide comprehensive jagged military history and military culture related products listed in the pan. In addition, the science and technology listed on the new board in November last year, estimated market value of 370 million yuan. However, the company’s 2015 Q1 is in a state of loss, the amount of about $1 million 790 thousand, the current main vertical electricity supplier, Internet advertising, online reading, gaming and other derivative value-added services.

in the investment in the light of the media performance once again grab the eye, the more mature in the domestic film and television program production and distribution business in the Alibaba 2 billion 400 million yuan investment, began to spread laterally in the entertainment field. You can see:

June 2015, the light media to invest $26 million 500 thousand long depending on the media, accounting for 25% of the shares, while the dragon as the media has a young man, "the angel of fast" IP adaptation and management rights;

October, the light of the media to start the layout of the animation industry, announced the establishment of the "Housing color pictures animation group;

January 2016, the light media to 61 million 500 thousand yuan investment in Hong Kong Science and technology, expand the multimedia market;

March, light media to 40 million yuan investment in VR/AR technology company, "technology";

April, the light has invested in the operation of the youth community big face culture, into the campus market.

in addition, the light of the media this year investment direction of the cloud music online and echo echo, and signed and the second largest shareholder of Ali IP investment in film and television, new media, a series of agreements with Japan Access Bright company in the TV film some of the direction of cooperation.


‘s investment in science and technology, light media again perfect >

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