How to choose the right way to promote the Forum

speaking of promotion, the author has worked for four months, from a layman to almost network promotion now enter the door, not bitter, but also learn something; today to share with you to discuss the promotion of forum.

as a network promotion novice, can not speak a lot of marketing theory and combination mode, can grasp some details; besides, the author also found a problem, talk about the promotion is the promotion master love to say something profound professional terms, this is probably only ziyuzile, ridiculous is that people titles are mostly XXX the new N proposal, what….

does not charge, access to the theme of today mainly to the author a few months on the forum for the promotion of the bumps and some success with us all about it. First of all, the forum to promote the use of what you choose; basically there are so few:

use BBS mass promotion, this is still a few years ago, there is a good effect, but now basically not up. Why? Now the forum administrator delete that call a diligent; no way, large forum basically is the occupation administrator or moderator, their occupation of a large part of the purpose is to put an end to spam. So the impossible.

artificial mass advertising stickers, worse than the first one, at least one saves time and effort, the effect of little or no effect is not what can you loss; artificial mass, dog meat is not never to return? I initially did it too, though not a now deleted ads change phenomenon but whenever a ID ad too many times, there will be a moderator or administrator to delete, here is a little note, most of the forum is not a stick to the ads killed, they will first give you a message reminder, then edit out of your chain finally sealed off you ID, the more abnormal is directly blocked your IP and the domain name of the website, let your eternal damnation.

interactive commercials, as well, on the television commercials, TV dramas, often in the most critical moment, so although you hate, but have to wait and see.. But please pay special attention to the proportion of the distribution, like 3:1 generally good (note, here the proportion said post is not exceeded the proportion of the proportion of


soft Wen promotion, now soft promotion in the general forum, unless you write very interesting, otherwise no one is willing to look at the elders; said this case in the title of the party, but after the test, if you want to go in the forum carefully, the title of the party is absolutely not for long engage in, more people see your vest turned away; so here the author suggested a soft Wen promotion in the forum, in the form of

A will be written in the form of a soft story, it is best to be appropriate to the actual life, and now the community forum, most of the meaning of the establishment is for everyone to chat under the life, the more real the more it

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