Constellation goddess financing 30 million founder Mo Xiaoqi talk about entrepreneurship experience

"a boy would sign knowledge, even a woman are not up to." Mo Xiaoqi to the taste of the business review of the current popularity of the constellation, such as humorous metaphor.

we often hear people say "the mouth is so poisonous, Virgo?" "you are Virgo, your family is a Virgo" (only piece, without any derogatory meaning). Although this is a joke, but it illustrates a phenomenon that in recent years, constellation culture really fire. Constellation as a necessary communication skills, is becoming more and more important to talk about modern urban youth at leisure.

constellation culture more and more fire, around the constellation of entrepreneurial projects more and more, whether it is a comic strip, talk show, video programs or scripts such as Tucao emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and it is also the goddess of constellation set up at this time.

long ago, the constellation goddess has just completed a 30 million A round of financing, left Yu capital lead investor, venture capital, Mizuki millet, Wei Yue joint investment, 2014 up to now, just two years time, the constellation goddess has completed more than 50 million of the scale of financing, this trend is not easy in the winter capital, why a focus on the constellation of entrepreneurial companies will get capital so popular? This is the business logic behind in the end what? On this a series of problems, goods transit business review an exclusive interview with the founder of constellation goddess Mo Xiaoqi.

the creation of the constellation goddess, thanks to the experience of my school days,

talked about the original intention of the creation of the constellation goddess, Mo Xiaoqi bluntly, the University of learning courses in which played a large part of the role." According to Mo Xiaoqi introduced himself, in university period, their learning business (Finance and accounting), she has a course in economics is the macro economics, economics is viewed from the macroscopic angle, and it is such a course that Mo Xiaoqi made to consider issues from a macro perspective of the habit.



2012 video website started hot, Mo Xiaoqi felt that time doing video content is a good choice, because the time we have seldom watch TV, this is Mo Xiaoqi’s own macro judgment, so in the end what type of video programs will be popular? First of all, I think it is related to new media; second, must not be a common entertainment content, if we don’t usually see how; if not again in TV broadcast, and video website can be broadcast, then do sign it, "

The reason why

chose constellation entrepreneurship, of course, there are reasons. Since childhood grew up in Australia, the Mo Xiaoqi school from the junior high school began to have a strong interest in the constellation, but also from that time began to study astrology, "I am from the 95, 96 year foreign astrologers began to look at the site, it is also the first generation of the Internet, astrology, in addition, their related books will to study some astrology".


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