Restore lending treasure event are marketing provoke disaster



entrepreneurs dragons last weekend, has just become a transformation of the loan treasure agents.

in his circle of friends, WeChat group, borrow treasure a whoop and a holler policy, and at the weekend for I made a few phone said: "can introduce a technical expert, as long as we can solve the server bottleneck, I took the loan treasure who with a backpack full of cash to give him


technology expert friends, but really not dare to introduce. Carrying a large bag of cash to go, how do you feel like a friend to commit a crime?

Dragon said: I have become a member of the loan treasure." Because I doubt him, his voice trembling with excitement, "you do not understand the loan treasure! What pyramid schemes, have seen the money to send people to do it?!"

dragons think, now the so-called direct or MLM, or ideas are trying to sell products, earn the user’s money. The user does not earn a penny to borrow treasure, just send money, how can you call the MLM? The inherent thinking is that there is no free collar cash, so all kinds of misunderstanding, that is MLM or cheat or I was too lazy to respond.


lending treasure is regarded as pyramid event, originated in WeChat circle of friends.

news: for everyone (everybody for science and technology limited company, Jiuding Holdings Company) will use drops taxi subsidy mode, invested 2 billion yuan money to "borrow treasure" of the WeChat promotion. After that, the message will be widely disseminated, while there are more versions, such as pyramid schemes, fraud, etc..

media attack from competitors, has been confirmed. Borrowing from the media in Qingdao to discredit Bao mengmou has apologized. See micro-blog

in detailDeliberately framed

from competitors, dragons that have an alarm, and discredit competitors: "black PS trick Its loopholes appeared one after another. CCTV news pictures, to discredit us.

has not been on the CCTV news before lending treasure!

"to blame, blame the loan marketing work big jug Baoshu, too fierce, causing competitors envy." Little dragon added: the only problem is that the loan treasure did not realize that this event is so hot, the server can not afford to operate thousands of people, resulting in the background of APP can not respond to withdrawals delay problem. Seriously affect the user experience."


finished the MLM and smear, and then see what is lending treasure.

media reported that the loan treasure is a cooked loan products, from the form of pure APP products, there is no site and WeChat transactions on IOS and Android two platforms (because the user experience and security to ensure that the transaction). IOS June 19 line, Android on line No. 22 in June.

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