P day to create more than 10000 ways

Recently very lazy, in fact, a lot of things. Busy and disorderly. Always want to have a time to write something.

on the website, many of my friends have asked me how to improve IP, write something, it is a summary.

website to the end to 3 aspects, one is the pure love, in order to adhere to the ideal site. The two is to earn money to live. The three is to increase website visibility, meet the psychological.

here mainly on the second point, it is the right way to earn money. But there is no real free lunch, want to make more money or rely on their own efforts.

News: for the Chinese altar, now 70 million Internet users, increase the national day at least tens of thousands of Internet users, Internet users tremendous development potential also means a huge scale line, as long as the master of the initiative, stick to it, there will be huge gains. In the release of the message, remember to be popular in the forum released. Some forum moderator of the website content is very strict, for this kind of news found a deleted one, but it won’t be long before you even registered users are deleted, so you need to apply for a new username and continue to send a message, as long as the trouble will have a harvest.

      first classify your website, if it is about business cooperation, go to the business QQ group; if it is about travel, go to the tourism discussion group. After finding the appropriate theme, you can look at the hot topics discussed.

enter the virtual role: you go into the discussion group, should try to avoid advertising too. You can use a virtual identity to participate in the discussion, and then provide a consultation or answer with another virtual identity. This kind of question and answer may cause a warm response.

publicity to the big customer every junior members are likely to bring tens of thousands of new junior members for you, and these new downline members will bring you another layer of thousands of subordinate members. If you are lucky enough to encounter a big customer, he has a very good condition, such as a daily flow Jiwanshijiwan personal home page, that every day he could bring you to the lower member count, and these junior members reproduce subordinate members, that you do not do things earning large quantities of gold each day. Therefore, to be responsible for your new members, timely and accurate help!

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