nteractive content requires some evil beauty

has been a little bit more careful recently, I was addicted to BuzzFeed style online test.


yes, I know they are in order to increase traffic and interaction index of the website; I also recognize, I do a little sorry for myself, but somehow, I didn’t care. In fact, at any time, if a company let me see in their content, it will attract me to want to explore why they have so much charm.

isn’t that what all marketers are looking for when creating content,


boost potential participation is a compelling reason why marketers should consider to add interactive content such as reason, test, evaluation, custom tools, games, and other participating properties. But this is certainly not the only way to improve the content of technology.

let’s take a closer look at the interactive content, how it works, and how it can effectively help you achieve your marketing goals.

The value orientation of


interactive content allows users to personalize the content presented to them. By helping consumers to see themselves in the brand experience, provide a potential, deepen the sense of participation, and enhance the satisfaction.

common forms of interaction:

corporate marketers want to make a splash in the audience with a range of compelling content features. Here are some of the most popular forms of interaction as well as suggestions for use:

y, quiz and questionnaire to vote – a topic to test the audience’s knowledge or opinions, and then generate a shared "report card", so that they compared with peer achievement.

y 360 photos and videos, to give consumers a 360 degree product, service, or to provide your experience (taking into account the cars, clothing, holiday resort) to help them buy before you try, making more tangible may improve customer satisfaction experience, and even their buying decisions.

y interactive ebook – if you published a lengthy content, such as paper or research report, create a can help readers faster version of the relevant part of the navigation positioning.

Real time chat, diagnostic tests and fault

y exclude tools – these techniques can be used to enhance the ability of online customer service, increase brand consulting and respond to customer problems, the use of manual telephone technical support to reduce the waiting time.

Y – evaluation is especially suitable for the transfer of potential customers through the sales process complex, these comprehensive surveys can be used to provide personalized information and reference, the audience can use it to track their progress in the target.

y interactive charts and data visualization.

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