Nocturne how to use the resources around student webmaster do website promotion

now the university is facing the pressure of employment, as more and more people start school. For example, students more and more popular. Today, college students have encountered the dilemma of employment and entrepreneurship, on the one hand, the heavy academic students can not give up, on the other hand, the temptation to engage in entrepreneurship is also plagued students. To tell the truth, the owners are to profit for the purpose, do not want to be a general soldier is not a good soldier, do not want to make money is not a good webmaster. The students how to do the webmaster promotion?

students to do the promotion of the station, unique has a lot of favorable factors. First, most of the students are college students in the University, and now college students more free time. Second, as a college student, the ability to accept and learning ability is strong. Third, human resources, do not say what mentees, just know a bedroom you can share a lot of work, rather than fight a lone battle. Since there are so many advantages, how should it be reasonable to use these resources to promote it?

first, use the extra time to expand their website

website promotion, first of all, we promote the object is the search engine, search engine we mainly aimed at is Baidu. As we all know, search engine spiders for real time stress is a fresh. Therefore, students can use their spare time to expand the content of the site, and update the content of the site to improve the site’s weight in Baidu. This habit once will not only promote the website content increasing, put an end to three days fishing nets two days of drying of bad habits, more can rely on regular updates to search engine trust website, get better search spiders to patronize frequently and weight. Or in the extra time we can learn some of the basic knowledge of website construction and website production, for example, HTML, div+css. If you have the ability to learn asp, PHP. The reason for learning website construction is to be able to read the code to optimize their website structure. To cater to Baidu spider. The higher the weight of the site, ranking the better.

second, the promotion of relational network

university is basically a bedroom to play better, more deep feelings, so we can try to pull these friends into your site. As college students are generally interested in the Internet, the friends brought in, a team composed of words, do it yourself is not so difficult, the reasonable division of labor, and then by classmates and friends to do the promotion, for example, can through the same forum to do online and offline promotion.

third, soft Wen promotion

is a student, read so many years of the book, the level of writing should also have some basic knowledge, so you can try to ask your friends to write something to your site. As a friend, others are willing to help you share points, if it is a bedroom team do soft Wen promotion, the effect is much better than a person, others are a person, and you are 6 people

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