How to do a good job of social network marketing

social network marketing is simply through a strong network of communities, such as happy network, campus network, Sina, micro-blog, SNS community to do promotion, marketing, public relations as one of the integrated marketing tools. The core idea of network marketing is a "win-win" as the marketing of our people to create value for the audience, only to understand the audience, the audience can understand, to maximize the value of the audience, in this society, everyone knows that a part will lose part of the part, I think the audience is lost our marketing people get.

social marketing pays more attention to the communication between people, rather than people with the company on a short conversation, I said "win-win" is the essence of network marketing, in this section I want to say is love, caring, dedication, sharing, encouragement, marketing people must return to the people of sincerity these care up, only know how to better do social marketing.


12 years in February 16th second visit to Beijing, this time I come to work in modern city SOHO a size of 10 individual educational institutions, our company is doing the service abroad, the boss gave me the job is to promote the network, and the direct management of my people is the head of the marketing department, so every day in addition to do network promotion, a large part in the development of customers, how can I be in a month’s time on the Internet the company’s information from it, and then 2 weeks from 0 customers to 18 potential customers, from scratch, will not say, today is how to say the 2 weeks from 0 to 18 potential a customer. The first time into the early education institutions work, I spent more than a month’s time to learn and understand the customer, understand almost after the establishment of sina micro-blog account, our customer group is senior high school, university students studying abroad has been locked, 15 words, such as: studying abroad, studying in the United States, TOEFL, IELTS through these words, so that we can find customers, from up to down through these micro-blog, network marketing essence, and then in the upper I mention love, caring, dedication, sharing, but to encourage the use of such words to comment, such as the customer said: "the first look at the IELTS vocabulary, very pleased, level six I didn’t graduate vocabulary and vocabulary of white back" I commented: "thumb look good refueling ah, wish you passed the IELTS IELTS! Need some information I can share to you. "And keep the focus on them, which is for mutual powder, because my micro-blog name is the name of our company, in this step, some customers will consult me to become my potential customers (the company defined potential customers is to get customer information, such as mobile phone number, QQ number, the intention of studying professional, national etc.) and some customers will not pay attention to you, but here we focus on him, we can see the front page of micro-blog released micro-blog customers every day, and again to sincere solicitude, encourage them, I never take the initiative to introduce the company and business, all customers take the initiative to ask, then I do network promotion work in the early here also the role of Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu library, Baidu news, Baidu video, search the information of the company, everywhere, get.

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