Double line intelligent analysis DNS server Building Guide

what is DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) is the "domain name system" English abbreviation, is a kind of organized into a domain hierarchy of computer and network service naming system, it is used for TCP/IP network, it is mainly used by the user kind and friendly name instead of boring and difficult to remember the IP address corresponding to the computer and the corresponding location service. Therefore, in order to make a friendly and friendly name can be recognized by the network, you need to be in the name and IP address between a "translator", it can be translated into the relevant domain name can be accepted by the corresponding IP address. DNS is such a translator".

what is the dual line intelligent DNS resolution

dual line intelligent analysis is a solution to the problem of interconnection between telecom and Netcom, DNS. The effect is the same: the domain name such as, Netcom’s customers access will return a pointer to the IP address of the server Netcom, telecom customers will access to a telecommunication server IP address. In this way, try to avoid the customer access to Netcom telecom network, telecom and Netcom customers to access network for web traffic is relatively large, can use this function to flow is distributed to several different servers, in order to improve the speed of operation of the site. Through the definition of the IP table, so that foreign customers to automatically access the English version of the site, so that domestic customers automatically access the Chinese version of the website.

Some basic concepts in


domain name space: refers to all hosts on the Internet the only and more friendly host name space, is DSN

The logical tree structure of

naming system at a level. Each machine can create a private network that is not visible on the Internet with its own domain name space.

DNS server: running the DNS service program on the computer, which has the DNS domain tree on the results of the DNS database.

DNS client: also known as analytical procedures, is to use the DNS search query information from the server program. The parser can communicate with the remote DNS server or with the local computer that runs the DNS server program.

resource records: DNS database information set, can be used to query out of the client.

area: the server is a continuous part of its authorized DNS namespace. A server can be authorized by one or more regions.

area file: a file containing a regional resource record. In most DNS implementations,

use text files to achieve regional.

Internet domain name space

DNS domain name on

Internet >

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