Lei Jun my ten years of thinking

10 years, the entire China Mobile Internet began to take off, just a short period of 5 years, the entire mobile Internet has been extremely popular in china. When Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, said the proportion of users on the phone to buy more than 60%, most people today in e-commerce shopping through the phone, I think this is really terrible.

when I was 10 years old, I felt a lot of pressure.

because it was China on the market the most powerful is the three major portals, BAT pattern has not yet formed, we feel that there is so much of the three major portals coping, they seem to do what, China Internet business seems to have no chance. But I was trying to think of what the market will be 10 years after the landscape, I think the next 10 years, how the Internet will break the monopoly of the situation of the three portals.


but I really did not expect BAT to be so fast, the formation of a larger than three times the number of times the door of the pattern of ten.

I will give you a detailed account of what I have done in the past 10 years.


10 years ago, I thought, if we choose a new business opportunities should choose what


when I was a mobile phone fancier, I think the Internet is the trend of the future mobile phone, so I locked a chance, I think the next 10 years is the mobile Internet world. That was 10 years ago I formed a judgment, with this judgment I was thinking, what should we do?

10 years ago

was used in 2G network environment, so slow bandwidth, when the mobile phone is NOKIA, the Internet is difficult to lose a URL almost inaccessible, I get my NOKIA mobile phone Internet really miserable, but I firmly believe that this is the future.

what was my strategy at the time,


I think if we’re not going to let us do mobile phone Internet, mobile Internet is a very difficult thing, so I thought, you must first go to the market to see if there is no one to do the mobile internet. So I carry a big bag of cash full street to find mobile Internet Co who do, today it is very funny, I am looking for the first company is the 3G portal, and later 3G portal chose IDG did not choose me.

so then I find second home, third home, finally found a small Shenzhen music company, voted 2 million in cash, and I told them about my is to study, I am willing to pay 2 million of the tuition fee, to find out who in the Internet using a mobile phone. 10 years ago, there is no one to use the phone to surf the Internet? I think the figures are very good, I wonder, what people are so difficult to use the phone, so slow bandwidth Internet, the results of the vote after I was clear.

I did not do DD (Due Diligence, due diligence) directly on the 20>

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