Talent network how to use soft Wen promotion


with the talent market expansion, more and more personnel for rapid rise and growth, especially the local talent website is various, how to shine in many stars? Many marketers to solve this problem in-depth reflection and discussion, exactly what kind of marketing mode is more appropriate for the network? In terms of marketing, pay more attention to the diversification of marketing mode, website optimization, soft Wen contribute more and more become the mainstream mode of marketing, and marketing advantages are gradually reflected, how do we do marketing



1, seize the current hot spots

The key of

soft marketing is to seize the current hot spots, hot things and people are most concerned about the topic of network people, whether it is on the topic of talent network, or other topics will instantly improve users and media attention, if you combine marketing, you will get many users of the network reproduced, increase the enterprise exposure rate. At the same time in combination with puff model, the soft more high degree of attention, to expand its influence. This model has been in charge of no integrity, but the effect is still obvious. Of course, the need to seize the current hot spots is difficult, we need to be able to predict, and early detection. The best way is to create a hot spot, relatively speaking, very difficult, need to consume a large part of the human and material resources. For talent network type of soft Wen requirements are not very high, pay attention to grasp the changes in the talent market is particularly important, this type of soft Wen will be more attention to the user and the media.

2, the theme of temptation

soft center of the contribution of the need to grasp the theme of the content, the theme is the ultimate needs of the user groups, whether it is very important to meet the user’s mind, you must do a good job in the soft marketing evaluation and forecast. The main theme of the title, content and implantable advertising. As soft Wen marketing, the need to attract the reader’s title, the need to be different, to be able to stand out in many headlines is very important. In addition, the content needs to do a good strategy, content is the real needs of the user is the key point, but also must do a good job of implantable advertising, do not have a good marketing psychology. The talent network soft marketing, better handling and grasp, recruitment information can be described as a public service ads, which is not easy for users to produce psychological conflict.

3, platform utilization

key marketing must also grasp the effective promotion with a reasonable platform and media, especially social networking sites, forums, blogs and other sites are having a certain audience, through continuous data statistics and comparative analysis, grasp the platform, the platform which plates are more favorable, the number and distribution of the main audience need to understand, so that it can be used to produce soft, expand marketing >

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