Re understanding of the QQ marketing that we ignore

now do a lot of network marketing have begun to focus on micro-blog and WeChat and other new media marketing, and for QQ has already been that we have been defined as an outdated marketing, but who really understand and master the QQ marketing? We think the outdated just listen to others say.

each of us have the opportunity to have a habit that is to open the computer connected to the Internet, the first thing is to board the QQ, we may be invisible, do not speak, but we will always hang. And this time as long as you send the message, perhaps we will not back, but we can see. Although now we go to talk about QQ marketing those without geographical restrictions, as long as you can chat online, timely communication and other advantages it is meaningless, but there are other QQ marketing platform can achieve advantage:

QQ marketing advantage:

one, in 2012, QQ can reach 170 million of online users, this data is difficult to reach a lot of other platforms. 170 million at the same time online users as long as you send information will have a large number of people to see, and are free of charge, as long as there is a intention of the customer that you succeed.

two, broad platform: in QQ marketing we can use marketing signature, QQ group, space, micro-blog, network of friends and multiple means, these platforms as long as you have a QQ number, then it is completely free and open to you.

three, a wide range of users: we have a lot of people may not have micro-blog or WeChat, but as long as the Internet will generally have more than one QQ, which is a very important fact. So compared to micro-blog and WeChat, QQ users are more widely distributed, universal; on the other hand, we may often change the phone number, but we generally do not change the number QQ.

[QQ marketing means]

avatar, signature

open the list of QQ, we first see is a person’s head and personality signature, and this is the most direct and most effective marketing tool. Avatar personal recommendations with their real head, so you can increase the credibility of course, if it is simple in order to attract users, then you can use a beautiful head, it is best to live according to, so more real.

and general character signature in our normal QQ landing page, we can only show the signature from 16 to about 18 words, so we are in the setting of character signature must be written clearly in 18 words before we want to marketing the product information, so as to allow customers to better understand our products information.


what do we remember about a QQ friend? I think most or all of the people are QQ nicknames, although we are beginning to come into contact with a long string of QQ, but we are generally not remember

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