Soft propaganda impossible once and for all

2009, the impact of the financial crisis has expanded, the Internet has been a wave of rebirth. The most affected foreign trade and service industry have offensive network position, all kinds of all kinds of products have landed in INTERNET website. In the traditional hard wide bombing, soft propaganda also gradually recognized by the enterprise.

whether it is a Forum blog or mainstream network media, soft propaganda are everywhere. Some people think that the soft is the sniper rifle, with a high quality of the articles will be a gun red network of rivers and lakes, but the soft but flags, dancing around the arena to incite emotion line.

network media, the Department of public relations stacked layout, in the forum, the Secretary of the draft full of home page, which is not able to reject the soft era, but choose to see what the soft era. Enterprises pay people to write articles, and then spend money to press media, so that the majority of users to post top stick, to is a promotional effect, but this effect is really propaganda mode, can make the enterprise satisfaction? I personally think is impossible.

The front page of

, the input-output ratio is too low, although the network media almost all price compared to other low, but due to the disorder of network of rivers and lakes, more inputs are buried in the network in the dumpster no one asked. Secondly, there is no innovation in the model, all kinds of topics are just overnight fried rice speculation, no business is willing to invest in new spending to study new ways. Finally, the key is the netizens IQ is too high, although some people easy to lead, but once a wise guide will at least be tit for tat, turned back to see sit on the incident.

said so much, Zhou Xingwei personally just want to say: soft Wen propaganda need ideas, more time. Is the so-called ten years grinding sword, slow, soft propaganda and youth growth, see tomorrow, it is difficult to move today.

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