Will the Tang network completed a new round of billions of dollars in financing capital lead investo

July 1st news conference domestic business platform will Tang network completed a new round of billions of dollars in financing, by Jia Wo capital investment area.


will Tang network, under the Tang Dynasty century science and Technology Co., Ltd. of Beijing, is to provide Chinese site query, booking and integrated marketing platform.

it is understood that the current round of investment capital Jia Wo was founded in the end of 2015 by Li Honghui, the core team from Invensys capital and Ping An Innovation Investment institutions. In addition to the Tang network, as well as Luban software and other corporate services investment projects.

Tang network co-founder, CEO Tang Liang said, some time ago the United States will Tang standard enterprise Cvent was privatized, after this round of financing will be down and Cvent network will be launched on a global scale competition, through network open platform will be Tang chain ecosystem around one open business meeting, to better help traditional Internet MICE company, at the same time to help enterprise customers meeting resources through direct mining system, and help the hotel direct.

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