New youth new free love doctrine an inspiration from nternet marriage Enterprises


the world is yours and ours. But in the final analysis is 90.

was born in 1990 after 26 years of age, a few years of hard work enough for them to get a double harvest in career and family; and the youngest of the 1999 people have been at the age of 17, the body of the brain mature nearly adult. "Self", "Treason", "utility", "lack of faith"…… People are often labeled 90, refused to label their own after 90, has quietly embarked on the stage of history, instead of 80 after becoming a social topic of the crowd and the backbone of the future.

In other words, who mastered the

, who mastered the mainstream of the world and the mainstream consumer market in the future.

90 insight into how people’s way of thinking and behavior habits, how to meet the spiritual needs and material needs of 90 people, it has become a major problem for enterprises of vital importance. This point for Internet companies in particular, compared with 80, 90 is following the Internet and mobile internet generation grew up, the rapid development of network technology, intelligent mobile phone hand. If an Internet companies do not know 90, also means to understand the market and elimination.

this paper attempts to analyze a 90 gender dating platform, and the platform of the 90 users bisexual friendship case description and try to change the interpretation of the social force, and the rise of new youth, new doctrine of free love.

most understand the post sex dating platform

traditional offline dating do not know 90. Strictly speaking, the traditional offline dating is a product of the last century. Before the advent of the Internet, the information is blocked, the only way for people to obtain information is the intermediary. Looking for the other half, looking for work, needs to be done online, in the boundless huge crowd looking for love of the work or life only companion, like look for a needle in the ocean and inefficient, the outcome unpredictable. The 90 who are not short of information access channels, most of them through the QQ and other social tools, with more than one and more than heterosexual friends. The Internet than offline dating more stylish, more efficient.

traditional marriage network also do not understand 90. The traditional dating website address is the older men left the crowd 3S lady marriage needs, their demands clear and direct, to get married for the purpose, based on material conditions, according to the. While 90 were just not anxious to get married, do not put the material conditions of marriage as primary reference object — they are young, want to love, get married again; they know the specific enough, enough time for them to choose a suitable character, like those who spend the rest of my life.

was founded in 2008, the beginning of the mobile Internet to cut into the thinking of the fate of the Internet market, may be the most understanding of the marriage platform after 90. The edge network 90 users accounted for over 50%, more than 70% concentrated in 23 years old ~30 years old; in addition to the annual "

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