Yunnan nternet Alliance provides free space for the owners of the Union

      Yunnan Internet Alliance Information Technology Co. Ltd. Kunming translated Description: British knight for the Yunnan internet affiliate offers free double server space service.

      Internet Alliance in Yunnan since this time, the industry has been widely supported by people, has now become the Internet industry in Yunnan to discuss the comprehensive exchange of technical support in one organization. The group members are the industry elite occupation, in order to better development, contribute more to growth and development of Yunnan Internet business, and to all sectors in a person of noble aspirations to provide a self entrepreneurial opportunity, after the league with the Kunming Yingtenai company reached an agreement by the sponsor to provide free support for some members of the server.

      in Yunnan local Internet industry practitioners, not limited to the household registration, as long as it is a member of the Yunnan Internet Alliance or Yunnan Internet Alliance QQ group forum. Can enjoy the Kunming Information Technology Co., translated Description: British Knight sponsored 100M bandwidth, 2G memory, dual Xeon server space, generally do not limit the size of the space, can be placed in telecom or Netcom, can also set up bilateral. At present, due to the initial cooperation, only to provide dual server, data need to deal with their own, other services will gradually open with the deepening of cooperation.

      open space scope of non forum is not illegal, and non movie stations can apply, each person must strictly only put their stand, as in the stage of trial operation, the relevant conditions after maturity completely settled.

      please press the edge of the table to submit applications in receipt of the application within 3 days after verification to provide services, and posts in this thread.

cited content:

applicant name (required)  

QQ (Bi Tian)

the applicant ID number (required, privately to the business manager)

site maize (Bi Tian)

site planning direction (must be more detailed fill)

whether the database   (including database type)

Permanent address:

the applicant (required privately issued business management)

applicant phone (Bi Tian)

whether the record (required)

other blessing words:

      submit scheme (invalid in this submission outside the scheme): this table in this post after post. The related sensitive information in the thread after the required ID number and permanent address sent to the perfect combination.

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