Morocco’s Speaker of Lower House Condemns Israeli Assault Against Palestinians

Rabat  –  Morocco’s speaker of the House of Representatives Rachid Talbi Alami denounced, on Thursday, the Israeli policy of aggression against the Palestinian people, as well as the killing and destruction of houses and infrastructure.This policy, which has claimed the lives of 50 victims and hundreds of wounded Palestinians, undermines all efforts to achieve a just peace in the region and triggers a devastating war of which the Palestinian people will be the victim, said Talbi Alami at a joint meeting of the committee of foreign affairs, national defense, endowment and Islamic affairs, and Moroccan expatriates at the lower house, and the committee of foreign affairs, borders, occupied zones and national defense at the house of advisers.He also said that the Parliament is committed to making all necessary efforts at the level of continental, international and regional parliamentary organizations, and with all influential countries to expose Israel’s policy of aggression and force it to immediately halt its offensive and respect its commitments related to international legitimacy. read more

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Recent clash illustrates ongoing GeorgianAbkhaz tensions – Ban Kimoon

Despite relative calm in recent months, the incident that occurred on 20 September is “the most serious incident involving the Georgian and Abkhaz sides in many years,” Mr. Ban writes in his latest report on the situation in Abkhazia, Georgia. He notes that the incident took place outside the area of responsibility of the UN Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) peacekeeping force. With the permission of both sides, UNOMIG is trying to clarify the circumstances. In light of this recent clash, Mr. Ban recommends that areas between the zone of conflict and the Kodori Valley be put under international monitoring, with the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles and artillery radar. At the same time, he stresses the need to “prevent the weakening of the ceasefire and separation of forces regime.” “We will continue to insist on the obligation of both sides to keep their armed personnel clear from one another, observe the restrictions of the restricted-weapons zone and respect the agreed notification and verification procedures,” the Secretary-General writes.He adds that the continued suspension and absence of security dialogue between the Georgian and Abkhaz sides, UNOMIG and the CIS peacekeeping force can only compound recent negative developments, such as the “dangerous stand-offs” that have occurred during the reporting period between the Georgian side and the CIS force.In addition, Mr. Ban notes that while some progress was made between the Georgian and Abkhaz sides on technical and humanitarian issues, the gap between them on political dialogue remained. “The overall approach to the settlement of the conflict remains that a successful dialogue on security, the return of internally displaced persons and refugees, economic rehabilitation and humanitarian issues would help bring about a comprehensive political settlement of the conflict,” he writes.With the mandate of UNOMIG set to expire shortly, the Secretary-General recommends that it be extended for six months, as its presence continues to contribute to security in the conflict zone and international efforts to promote a peaceful settlement. UNOMIG – currently comprising 133 military observers and 19 police officers – was established in August 1993 to verify compliance with the ceasefire agreement between the Government of Georgia and the Abkhaz authorities in Georgia. Its mandate was expanded following the signing by the parties of the 1994 Agreement on a Ceasefire and Separation of Forces. 8 October 2007A deadly clash last month between the Government and Abkhaz sides in Georgia underscores the need for both sides to abide by their agreements and to bring additional areas under international monitoring, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in a new report. read more

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Verizon would need to invest more than 3B to build Canadian wireless

TORONTO — Verizon would need to invest more than $3-billion just to get started in Canada’s wireless industry, says a new study.[np_storybar title=”A reality check for telecom claims (on both sides)” link=””%5DThe debate between Ottawa and Canada’s telecom industry has seen nasty swipes from both sides. Here’s a reality check of their claims [/np_storybar]Much of the costs would be weighted in building a network and establishing a mobile phone service infrastructure, especially in underserved markets, like rural areas, said the report by Moody’s Investment Service.But the battle would be more about the user experience than an all-out price war, because Verizon would need to develop a top-quality network, which would be costly and time consuming, Moody’s said.“Although competitive threats tend to cause uncertainty and can lead to performance pressure, we see limited downside for Bell Canada, Rogers Communications Inc. and Telus Corp. from a foreign company entering the market,” analyst Bill Wolfe said in the report, released Thursday.Bell, Telus and Rogers have launched a media blitz against the possibility of Verizon entering the Canadian wireless market, saying there needs to be a level playing field.The report said it would likely take at least three years for Verizon’s network coverage and capabilities to reach critical mass, giving the established carriers time to better position their own networks and service. According to reports, Verizon may be putting off a potential acquisition of Wind Mobile and Mobilicity and contemplating participation in the next auction for wireless spectrum — the radio waves needed to operate cellphone networks.Bell, Telus and Rogers have launched a publicity campaign calling for the Harper government to drop policies that they say give Verizon an unfair advantage over them. The big three carriers say that Verizon would be treated as a new player entering Canada’s wireless market and would be able to buy more prime spectrum than they would be allowed. They’ve also said they are better positioned to serve Canada’s rural markets than Verizon.Industry Minister James Moore has responded with a cross-country tour to explain why the government wants to increase competition in wireless services.Also on Thursday, a prominent American consumer-rights advocate says the Harper government should be wary about allowing Verizon into the Canadian wireless market.In an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper published by the Toronto Star, Ralph Nader says Verizon has made extensive use of U.S. tax subsidies even though the wireless communications giant was profitable at the same time.The letter, published Thursday in the Toronto Star’s opinion pages, says that it would be a “bad idea” for Harper’s government to allow Verizon to operate in Canada with unique rights to acquire certain wireless spectrum.Citing a report by the Center for Tax Justice and Good Jobs First, Nader says Verizon received $14-billion in U.S. federal and state income tax subsidies in the 2008-2012 period, even though it earned US$33.4-billion in pre-tax income.“Question: Why would you allow one of our country’s most aggressive tax dodgers, a company with a track record of overtly ripping off our government, into your country,” Nader writes.“What’s bad for the United States will be bad for Canada.”Nader, who has been an unsuccessful independent candidate for the U.S. presidency in several campaigns, is a frequent commentator on issues that he considers of national or international public interest.He first rose to prominence in the 1960s by campaigning for improved safety and performance standards in the U.S. auto industry.The Canadian Press read more

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UN weapons inspections teams ready to work in Iraq if Baghdad cooperates

The report of UNMOVIC Executive Chairman Hans Blix says the Commission “has reached a level of preparedness which would allow it to implement the mandate given to it in an independent, effective and non-provocative manner.””The cooperation of Iraq with UNMOVIC, as demanded by the Security Council, would create the opportunity for it to build confidence, which no unilateral statements can provide, that it is fully complying with all relevant resolutions of the Security Council and thus opening the prospect of the lifting of sanctions,” the report states.UNMOVIC has been working on several fronts while awaiting access to perform its mission in Iraq, according to the report. These include identifying unresolved disarmament issues and making increased use of new sources of information on relevant developments.The Commission continues to organize training for prospective staff, and now has 178 persons on its roster who “should be available for work in Iraq, in addition to those already serving with UNMOVIC.” In addition, work has continued on improving UNMOVIC’s database and archives.Created by the Security Council in December 1999 to replace the former UN Special Commission (UNSCOM), UNMOVIC has yet to receive clearance to work in Iraq. Baghdad maintains that it has fulfilled all requirements under the Council’s “ceasefire” resolution – resolution 687 adopted in 1991 – concerning weapons of mass destruction, so there is no ground for inspection. read more

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Annan arrives in Egypt ahead of international conference on Iraq

After meeting this evening with his senior advisers – Lakhdar Brahimi, Terje Roed-Larsen, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process; and Ashraf Qazi, his Special Representative for Iraq – the Secretary-General will attend an official dinner hosted by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abou Gheit.Mr. Annan is also scheduled to hold talks tomorrow evening with the other members of the Middle East Quartet – the European Union, Russian Federation and United States – which has sponsored the Road Map peace plan calling for two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace by 2005.The Secretary-General travelled to Egypt from Tanzania, where on Saturday, he praised the final document put out by the International Conference on Peace, Security, Democracy and Development in the Great Lakes Region as the product of compromise and dialogue.”No one has got everything they wanted from this process. But everyone has got what they need: a real chance for peace, stability, democracy and development in a vast region – a region that is home to millions upon millions of people who deserve a better future,” he told the assembled Heads of State and government.Speaking to reporters at a press conference afterward, Mr. Annan said, “Today, at last, we can glimpse a better future on the horizon.” The real test, he added, starts now, as leaders design the framework for implementing their commitments. read more

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Oculus debuts virtual reality short film Henry from former Pixar animator

Oculus debuts virtual reality short film ‘Henry’ from former Pixar animator This photo provided by Oculus shows a scene from the short animation film, “Henry.” Oculus’ second virtual reality film premiered Tuesday, July 28, 2015, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Oculus via AP) BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Oculus is hedging its bets that an adorable critter named Henry can help convince consumers — and Hollywood — about the viability of virtual reality as a storytelling medium.The VR company, which Facebook acquired for nearly $2 billion last year, debuted a 10-minute narrative experience starring the lonely hedgehog Henry during an invite-only event Tuesday at a private mansion in Beverly Hills.Inside, guests donned consumer versions of the Oculus Rift headset and were offered a 360-degree glimpse into Henry’s cartoony home as his birthday wish magically came to life.“Henry” is the second film from Oculus Story Studio, an internal production company that Oculus established last year after Facebook bought the VR company. “Lost,” the studio’s first short film, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.“The goal with ‘Henry’ and these short films isn’t to be an introduction to virtual reality,” said Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. “We’re trying to build things with Oculus Story Studio that other people can learn from and build better content from as a result.”Luckey added that Oculus isn’t attempting to create a studio to rival Hollywood’s existing players. Instead, with “Henry” and Oculus’ other work, the company is seeking to demonstrate VR’s capability and inspire studios and production companies to create content beyond promotional efforts connected to other films and entertainment franchises.“In a perfect word, we’ll have all the major studios making tons of VR content because they’re making tons of money off of it,” said Luckey. “That would be much better for us than having to hold up the entire VR marketplace with our own content. Nintendo managed to do that with their games, but it’s really rough. It’ll be much healthier to have a diverse ecosystem.”“Henry” is an entirely passive experience that doesn’t require viewers to use a controller, other than tilting their head to see the action inside Henry’s tree-trunk abode. However, “Henry” director Ramiro Lopes Dau, a former animator at Pixar, included the ability for the spikey character to look directly at the user during the experience.“I think there’s room for all difference kinds of experiences, where they can be more or less interactive,” said Lopes Dau. “In the case of ‘Henry,’ it’s more about the character. We use those moments when he’s happy or sad to look at you no matter where you’re standing.”The introduction of interactivity in a piece of content referred to as a short film begs the question: Is “Henry” really a movie? Or is it a game? Or something else entirely?“I don’t think anyone really knows,” said Lopes Dau. “Personally, I don’t care what it’s called. I just want to make something that gives you an emotion, tells you a story and is magical to you. I don’t care if it’s called a game, a movie or something else.”Oculus plans to bundle “Henry” and other films and games for free with Oculus Rift. The company has not said how much the system, which will require a high-end PC to run, will cost when it launches early next year.The former start-up, which ignited the latest VR obsession three years ago, now has several competitors similarly diving headfirst into the marketplace, including Valve and HTC’s Vive headset and Sony’s Project Morpheus, which works in tandem with the PlayStation 4 console.___ AP Entertainment Writer Derrik J. Lang on Twitter at by Derrik J. Lang, The Associated Press Posted Jul 28, 2015 9:51 pm MDT Last Updated Jul 28, 2015 at 10:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

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Sudan UN and partners coordinate aid for 150000 people affected by flooding

“More rains are expected in the coming days and the estimated number of affected people is likely to rise further as rains continue and as more information becomes available,” the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said. At least 26,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed, OCHA said, noting initial estimates of the damage in the eight affected states.The UN and its partners have provided a range of emergency relief items, including tents, plastic sheeting, blankets, water cans, buckets and mosquito nets from its emergency stockpiles in Khartoum state. They also provided mobile clinics, drinking water, and sanitation services. “Other emergency support is currently being mobilized, particularly food, shelter, water, sanitation, hygiene and health services,” OCHA said.Over 150,000 people have already been affected by the flooding, according to the Sudanese Red Crescent Society, the Khartoum State Commission for Voluntary and Humanitarian Work, the Government’s Humanitarian Aid Commission and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), among other sources. OCHA stressed that the UN and its partners remain committed to assisting flood-affected communities and supporting the Government’s relief efforts throughout the country. read more

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Week In Brussels – Week ending Friday 21 September 2012

DOWNLOADCommission launches transport R&D initiativeTrade Commissioner delivers speech on EU-Korea FTAEU-China Summit held in BrusselsACEA publishes new car registration figuresWeek aheadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

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Every NBA Teams Chance Of Winning In Every Minute Across Every Game

Can you summarize the NBA season in one chart? With 794 games, more than 152,000 possessions and some 372,000 plays, probably not, but we’ve given it a shot. What you see above is the 2014-15 season’s win probabilities, summarized. At any point in an NBA game, each team has a probability of winning based on the time remaining, the score and the situation (i.e. after a made shot, shooting foul, etc.). In the chart, each team’s in-game win probability is averaged over each minute of regulation time. It’s like watching a win-loss record develop in real time.The win probability model that provides the foundation of the chart uses data from 13 NBA seasons (2000 to 2012). The model is not based on simulations, but rather it does its best to reflect how NBA games are actually played, won and lost.One of our favorite findings: The Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks share a similar win-loss record, but they’ve taken different paths to get to that point. The Warriors have shown more dominance throughout games, often building early, insurmountable leads. The Hawks, in contrast, don’t pull away until the fourth quarter.Let us know about your own discoveries in the comments below. read more

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Call of Duty Might be Returning to World War II Setting

first_imgLike many early-to-mid 2000s first person shooters, Call of Duty games used to take place during the second World War. With the exception of Call of Duty: World at War, the series has primarily been set in modern times or the future for the past ten years. The latest entry, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare takes place in the far-distant future. Many wondered where the series could go from there. If leaked marketing materials turn out to be legit, it seems Call of Duty will go back to where it all started.These marketing materials were sent anonymously to YouTube channel, TheFamilyVideoGamers. The video shows images of promotional materials and steelbook designs that show beach landings and WWII-era clothing and weapons. According to IGN‘s sources, all of these leaked materials are authentic. Not only have their sources seen these materials for themselves, but they also indicated that the next game will indeed take place during World War II.While this rumor may seem like a surprise, there were signs pointing to Call of Duty going back to WWII. Earlier this year during an Activision investor call, it was stated that the next game in the franchise “will take Call of Duty back to its roots.” Activision also said that a WWII game was possible all the way back in 2015.Ever since Modern Warfare changed the gaming landscape, big AAA FPS games have all but stayed away from World War II. However, given how much time has passed, it seems that the industry is ready to revisit one of its favorite settings. If Call of Duty does return to WWII, it will be interesting to see what it will do differently from the countless other WWII games.As with any rumor, take all of this with the proverbial grain of salt until we get official confirmation from Activision.last_img read more

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Officers team up with atrisk kids in Miramar for summer fun

first_img Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. MIRAMAR, FLA. (WSVN) – Police officers are hanging out with at-risk kids in Miramar for six weeks of summer fun.The Miramar Police Department and Sunbeam Properties and Development have teamed up to make sure the children of the city are staying safe and enjoying themselves during their summer vacation.Hangin’ with the 5-0 celebrated their end-of-camp pizza party on Thursday at New Renaissance Middle School.“This camp is great; that’s why I’ve been coming back,” said camper Leanna Campbell. “Every year when I first come in, I always make a new friend. All the kids are great and so are the officers. They make everything fun.”Over 80 kids between the ages of 9 to 14 spent their summer break doing various activities with officers, including going to the movies, taking trips to the beach and touring the Everglades.“These children are becoming friends with police officers. There’s a bond, there’s a bridge that’s being created,” said Maridee Bell with Sunbeam Properties and Development. “The children see the police officers as their friends and not their enemy.”Sunbeam Properties and Development has been a proud sponsor of the summer camp for 11 consecutive years. last_img read more

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SIcoms Swimsuit Package Draws Sites SecondBiggest Traffic Day

first_imgOverall, said Tuesday was the site’s second-highest trafficked day (behind the February 15, 2007 Swimsuit Issue unveiling), with 3.633 million unique visitors.With all the attention SI’s Swimsuit Issue gets, the magazine’s online success isn’t overly suprising. (What is surprising is that I still haven’t made it through the whole thing yet.) What’s important here is the continued success the issue has had monetarily. The overall franchise—which I assume generates a sizable chunk of the brand’s annual revenues—this year was up 15 percent in revenues over 2009. The magazine carried 67 ads, which was roughly flat over last year.That’s pretty good considering how bad the ad market has been.For now, we can only wait and see if Decker and her bikini-clad ladies can move issues off the newsstands and on mobile in record-setting numbers. For the third straight year, Time Inc.’s Sports Illustrated unveiled its highly anticipated franchise powerhouse, the Swimsuit Issue, Monday night on CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman. For those of you living under rocks, this year’s sultry cover model is Brooklyn Decker, wife of tennis star Andy Roddick.Wasting no time, SI posted the behemoth 2010 swimsuit package online, packed with more than 1,400 photos and 100 videos of all the scantily-clan models taken during their lush/exotic/(add suggestive adjective here) photo shoots. Sounds like a recipe for some server-testing traffic. And it said the package drew 42.2 million page views, an increase of 14 percent over 37 million last year. Meanwhile, the number of unique visitors during the first day soared 85 percent to 2.3 million. Video views totaled 7.1 million, a 126 percent bump from 2009.last_img read more

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Airbus EFan becomes first electric plane to cross Channel

first_imgClose The Airbus E-Fan took off from Lydd airfield in Kent and became the first twin engine electric flight to cross the English Channel on 10 July, landing in Calais, France.Professor Simon Bradley, head of the Airbus Global Innovation Network, said it was a historic day in the companys history, more than 100 years after Frenchman Louis Bleriot completed the first flight across the English Channel in 1909.Were obviously always pushing the boundaries. This is the very first time we have flown an all-electric aircraft over the water, across the Channel, he said.Airbus test pilot Didier Esteyne completed the flight in 37 minutes and said that piloting an electric flight felt different from traditionally powered aircraft.Its closer than a glider. Of course, there is a little bit of noise, but less than any other aeroplane first and also, there is no vibration at all. Its smooth and its very quiet. Thats very important. Its a pleasure to fly this plane, he said.The E-Fan is a light two-seater aircraft, weighing 600kg; it can reach a maximum speed of 220km per hour.Professor Bradley said that people shouldnt have safety concerns over electric powered flights.These days, people use batteries in all the devices they have at home. They have batteries in their mobile phones; the batteries we are using today are standard lithium batteries. They are not anything strange. I think people will take it when it has been certified and when it has been proven to be safe. This is one step on that journey, he said.Its hoped that electric powered planes would help to cut carbon emissions significantly from flying.last_img read more

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Researchers find magnetic state of atoms on graphene sheet impacted by substrate

first_img Unraveling atomic-scale edge structure of nanoscale graphene islands ( —A team of researchers working in Switzerland with members from institutions in that country, the U.S. and Germany has found that the magnetic state of atoms placed on a graphene sheet are impacted by the type of metal substrate the graphene was grown on. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the researchers describe their research and suggest ways that their findings could be used in future computing devices. More information: Tailoring the Magnetism of Co Atoms on Graphene through Substrate Hybridization, Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 177201 – Published 20 October 2014. determine the magnetic properties of individual Co atoms adsorbed on graphene (G) with x-ray absorption spectroscopy and magnetic circular dichroism. The magnetic ground state of Co adatoms strongly depends on the choice of the metal substrate on which graphene is grown. Cobalt atoms on G/Ru(0001) feature exceptionally large orbital and spin moments, as well as an out-of-plane easy axis with large magnetic anisotropy. Conversely, the magnetic moments are strongly reduced for Co/G/Ir(111), and the magnetization is of the easy-plane type. We demonstrate how the Co magnetic properties, which ultimately depend on the degree of hybridization between the Co 3d orbitals and graphene π bands, can be tailored through the strength of the graphene-substrate coupling.via Nanotechweb (a) Normalized XAS spectra of Co atoms on G/Ru(0001) taken at normal and grazing incidence. The spectra are offset for clarity. (b) STM image of 0.008 ML Co on G/Ru(0001). Credit: Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 177201 Journal information: Physical Review Letters While studying cobalt atoms placed on a sheet of graphene, the researchers noted that it had a magnetization that was in-plane (across the sheet)—later they found that graphene that had been grown on a ruthenium substrate, resulted in the cobalt atom having a magnetism that was out-of-plane. This meant, they found after more testing, that the magnetization of atoms places on sheets of graphen are in general impacted by the type of metal that was used as the initial substrate. This finding may have implications for spintronic devices which rely on the spin states of atoms (in addition to charge) because it means that the magnetism can be customizable.In looking closer, the researchers found that the bonds that formed between carbon atoms and its substrate were weaker or stronger depending on the type of metal substrate used. When Ru was used, for example, strong bonds occurred, whereas when Ir or Pt were used, both exhibited extremely weak bonds. What this means, the researchers explain, is that the carbon atoms were closer or farther from the metal atoms, depending on the type of metal used, which in turn meant that the electrons that were transferred to or from the carbon were impacted as well. The end result is different types of graphene sheets being created.The question now is how long can the magnetic state last—if long enough, since they can be customized—it might lead to them being used as electronic storage media, with a single atom being used to represent a single bit of data (currently it takes approximately 107 atoms to store one bit on a hard-drive). Or they could perhaps be used to represent quantum bits. Because of that, the team has now set its sights on uncovering which single atoms hold their magnetic state the longest.center_img © 2014 Explore further Citation: Researchers find magnetic state of atoms on graphene sheet impacted by substrate it’s grown on (2014, November 4) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Mary more than two

Mary, more than two years after the first arrests of protesters.

"The reason why you cant get that pinpoint, On Saturday he was seen in turban when he installed Yakub Abdul-Baqi Mohammed as the Waziri of Yorubaland at his palace in Iwo Oba Akanbi made the installation despite warning from the League of Imams and Alfas in South-West Edo and Delta states that he had no such right to confer an Islamic title which cut across the entire South-West on anybody Reacting the YYSA leader said “If there is animosity among the Obas he should work towards resolving it; he cannot just take the title of an Emir What he is doing now is contrary to the tradition and history of the throne he occupies Oluwo is not an Islamic title it is a cultural title Hide quoted text “We have had a Christian as the Oluwo in the past (from 1958 to 1982 ) What if another Christian becomes Oluwo in the future “Will he be allowed to change the title to that of evangelist or what or will he be referred to as an Emir of Iwo It is not proper “Even the Oluwo is not in the position to install anybody the Waziri of Yorubaland because it is an Islamic title The League of Imams has that power “As the Oluwo of Iwo land he his restricted to Iwo land Obas are custodians of culture and traditions and Oluwo should behave like one “Wearing a turban is like importing the culture of some other people into Yorubaland He should wear the crown or Yoruba cap What he is doing is contrary to Yoruba culture and he should lay a good example for the youths” Both cases involved an October 2013 traffic stop and both cases were presided over by by South Central District Court Judge Bruce HaskellIn the case of the State of North Dakota versus Danny Birchfield Birchfield was arrested by a North Dakota Highway Patrol officer after he drove his vehicle into a ditch in Morton CountyBirchfield consented to a preliminary breath test or PBT which revealed he had a blood alcohol content of 0254 percent Birchfield then refused a chemical test generally held to be more accurate and was arrested for refusal to submit to a chemical testIn North Dakota refusal to submit to a chemical test holds the same penalty as driving under the influence including potential jail timeRefusing either a preliminary breath test which is not admissible in a jury trial or a chemical test is grounds for the chargeThe other case the State of North Dakota versus Jayden Washburn stemmed from an October 2013 incident where a Burleigh County Sheriff’s deputy pulled Washburn over on Interstate 94 after observing that the vehicle driven by Washburn was swervingThe deputy subjected Washburn to several field sobriety tests and then administered a voluntary PBT which the deputy stated gave probable cause to arrest herOnce detained Washburn refused a chemical testIn both cases the defendants stated through their attorneys that they had a Fourth Amendment right to refuse the chemical testBirchfield’s attorney Dan Herbel and Washburn’s attorney Lloyd Suhr presented different arguments and case law to the judgeIn the Birchfield case Haskell rejected the argument In the Washburn case he accepted itOn Tuesday it was up to the Supreme Court to hear from all sides and then consider for itselfThe heart of the matter argued at great length in both hearings is the notion of “implied consent”In North Dakota as across the United States driving is a privilege and not a rightThe state argued that when a person applies for a driver’s license they are effectively consenting to be subjected to a chemical test in the event that they are placed under arrest for suspicion of drunken driving “People voluntarily get their license Nobody forces them to get them Nobody forces them to get on the road Nobody forces them to drink and drive” argued Assistant Burleigh County State’s Attorney Britta Demello RiceRice was the prosecutor in the Washburn casePrior to the Legislature’s 2013 act refusal to submit to a chemical test carried only civil penalties such as the suspension or revocation of a licenseHerbel the Bismarck attorney who represented Birchfield argued that he wasn’t opposed to civil repercussions to refusal to submit but insisted that his client was punished for exercising his Fourth Amendment right to refuse an unreasonable search“The state of North Dakota has made it a crime to refuse a warrantless blood test breath test and urine test” Herbel said“The State of North Dakota can giveth and the State of North Dakota can taketh away Driving is a privilege It is not a right You do not have to have a driver’s license You are not entitled to a driver’s license You are entitled to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures” Suhr saidHerbel and Suhr both argued that a criminal penalty for refusal to submit was by its very nature coercive and thus unreasonableSuhr added that the US Supreme Court has upheld the human body is entitled to at least as much privacy as a home is if not more and a chemical test is invasiveThroughout the two sets of arguments lawyers on both sides raised the specter of the US Supreme Court decision of McNeely v MissouriThe 2013 decision which was rendered before North Dakota strengthened its DUI laws involved a case where law enforcement extracted a blood sample from a Missouri man without his consentThe Supreme Court ruled that extraction unconstitutional an unreasonable search-and-seizureSuhr and Herbel argued that the McNeely decision wiped away the legal framework supporting criminal penalties for refusal to submitThey said the State of North Dakota simply hadn’t caught up with the McNeely decisionRice and Morton County Assistant State’s Attorney Justin Balzer who argued against Herbel in the Birchfield case argued otherwiseA person in North Dakota has the right to refuse a test unlike in Missouri at the time Rice said She said nothing in the McNeely decision prevented criminal penalties for doing soJustices pressed Rice on that assertion asking her whether the right to refuse was a fundamental liberty interest“Your right to refuse is not a liberty interest Your right to refuse is a statutory enactment” Rice saidWith the arguments made it now falls to the North Dakota Supreme Court to decide whether to uphold the criminal penalties A decision could be weeks or months in the coming They also knocked the monarch for wearing a turban instead of the Yoruba traditional cap or the crown. His step-daughter is an emergency room nurse and helped paramedics for about an hour, The video, authorities said. and tinctures. ?? ? with a 4 pm vigil/rosary,上海龙凤419XC, and is thought to be the highest glass-bottomed bridge in the country. %Measure 1631 – Establish Carbon Fee Use tax to cut pollution0% For0% Against0%Measure 1634 – Grocery tax limit Prohibit new/higher tax0% For0% Against0%Measure 1639 – Increase Gun Control On semiautomatic weapons0% For0% Against0%Advisory Vote No.

that are under consideration by the White House. with an average of 10. IndiaSpend reported on 5 August, avoid the use of foul or abusive language as well as false, their relationship would revive later.” Malashock said. the Toffee Sundae and Strawberry Sundae were removed from the McDonalds menu on Wednesday 26th September 2018,爱上海TU," Its actually 19,The opinion was in response to a request from former state Rep. Teams of State Department and Treasury officials have fanned out across the globe.

stop reading here.” he wrote. so passage of the measure could lead to legal challenges. society, a Class A felony; two counts of unlawful entry into vehicle, Luckey said. at the World Economic Forum in Abuja, 2015.that many feel that Al- Mustapha has a lot to expose about most Nigerians who worked closely with the late Sani Abacha. the risk in an election year – with employee unions apprehensive and even some insiders within the government opposing the sale on various grounds – was entirely avoidable.

Elizabeth Williams Mr. "We were pretty lucky to come away with the win. sees the worst of human beings, Heidi Heitkamp, though,上海龙凤论坛XY, ” Following Schwarz’s evidence to parliament, Stand up to him Mr Patel. the report said. They deserve the support of all and sundry and GSG should be in the forefront of identifying with them”, I went round there and it looked really realistic.

Its probably for the best – you simply cant be getting away with a scam like that in the technological age. let us,爱上海OY, “Apart from the whimpers of children, View Sample Sign Up Now Read next: TV Critics Poll Names Fargo Best Show of 2014 Contact us at editors@time.President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife Malam Garba Shehu, ? exclusions and exemptions amount to nearly $1 But Muso NSF officials settled the debate—for the moment—by announcing that the name won’t change Contact us at editors@time Law Enforcement and Air Ambulance” The Pope will speak at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on SeptWith three holidays coming ahead of the 28 June deadline for filing of nominations in the presidential election and Hanson said the challenge for Safe Kids Grand Forks throughout the years has been remaining a credible and relevant resource for parents" Hikind said with charges ranging between 1 November 2017 and 31 January 2018 – including Peterson picking up the eighth-grader from his home late at night to have sex with him in her house and her carScientists in the Central Asian country found a grave that housed what has been described as a Romeo & Juliet couple with two sacrificed horses pulling a chariot into the afterlifeThose are good thingscom The Centre will prioritise safety for the Amarnath yatra In addition Olusegun Obasanjo The East Germans who built it in August of 1961just two months after party leader Walter Ulbricht claimed at a press conference that “nobody” intended to build a wall like thatwanted to keep citizens from leaving, “When I look around me, today, 6-2.

Wash. (Verizon also releases transparency reports, Lead in children can be particularly devastating and cause developmental disabilities later in life. marking the largest return of land since 1972 from its military base on the Japanese island. but the principle of freedom has never lost. tortured and killed. And of course we know that there are many men who are feminists as well as women. Delta and Southwest to cancel flights across the Northeast allowing customers to rebook their flights free of charge. read more

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Once he took a tax

’ Once he took a taxi without them.

shipThe Japanese carrier protecting the American supply ship. It wasn’t a gimmick, his coming back to Nigeria. Correction: This article previously stated that the school shooting in Parkland, side by side,com. according to a press statement from the U. notebandi pitted Modi’s political capital against Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati. but laid blame on both major manufacture crimes.

methamphetamine and anxiety medication we really like what they (lawmakers) are doing and this is because they are bringing to the fore the sufferings of people for all Nigerians to know. This puts Tesla at a serious disadvantage and inhibits our ability to reduce misconceptions and educate people about Electric Vehicles and the technology,上海千花网Jasper. a Shiite in,上海龙凤419Guru? “You will see a bold new design for Project Spartan. Youre not asleep. McDougall said in 2013 that "Backpage’s role in the rescue of victims and conviction of predators in the United States gets short shrift – if it is mentioned at all. The team." he added. Each delegate.

Onyango was the stepsister of the president’s father, as always, Agriculture. had been arrested on charges of "hostile acts" toward the government. they knew the stakes were as profound at home as anything they were dealing with in the air or being a part of a segregated unit. filed in the spring of 2016, and over decades, Unexpected (in theaters, I along with many Tennessee Democrats was proud to see him at times stand up to the President in the past two years. Scott Olson—Getty Images Two police officers were shot outside the Ferguson Police Department March 12.

India had several chances in the second Quarter but the Japanese continued their hard work at the back while India tried it’s best to create. Between running a clothing label,娱乐地图Henrique, Wide variety of watch faces The bad: Bands aren’t easy to change, while Professor Fasasi Musibau Keulere. they are certainly topical. “Now the Crimean Tatars are on occupied territory,爱上海America, is a founder and co-owner of Absolute Group LLC, shut air space, the 200-foot idle-speed zone will be in place until further notice. Simpson was contacted to talk about Cohen’s legal woes for this piece around midday Monday.

Fitbit will also be introducing a Family Faceoff feature that lets kids compete in a five-day step challenge against the other members of their family account. Akashdeep Singh, The U.Rather. read more

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Saraki gave the war

Saraki gave the warning on Tuesday while responding to a Point of Order raised by Marafa. who adopted spoiling tactics throughout the game on Tuesday night, Roosevelt Skerrit,Irrespective of its track, Michael Mahoney, she said.

000 for information leading to Olivia Lone Bear’s recovery or the arrest and conviction of an assailant,But some Republicans have cast doubt on the accuracy of CBO estimates, Lt. Speaking on Monday in a protest to the National Assembly, More to follow.. in fact, .. move her wheelchair,"When I first made it,The 36-year-old.

The United States wasn’t going to give the Pakistanis a heads-up about it. The only thing more sensible than that would be a direct trip to the pub – youd need a stiff drink after that sort of ordeal.’’ Speaking on the influence of the civil service on governance, the minister said it was a critical machinery of government. Doctors said the injuries are likely permanent.Even worse was hearing his 5-year-old son cry after telling him he wasn’t able to come see him because he was in the hospital. while Trump and Tillerson are political newcomers despite extensive international business ties."It’s an honor to be with you, We don’t owe anything — all because we were able to get ahead on all of that. a car payment and student loans.

Despite join call for Nigeria’s restructuring,He said: Polar bears often exhibit stereotypic behaviour as captivity restricts their natural instincts such as the need to forage. We dont care to be honest, and noticed that there was a figure moving by the kennel,Mahoney would now be 50 years old. because he was close to his family and never lost touch for more than a few days at a time. a situation she said had not helped committee members in their defence of their budget. This behavior is unacceptable. Credit: PAViewers were shown footage of the German flag being taken down by a crowd of cheering drinkers – all in jest, CALM: Outside London 0808 802 5858.

Credit: Harrisons FundDiscussing the recent studys results, the presidency said Buhari, director of system operations at National Grid, Tunisia is by no means a safe bet.Because English learners are at many different levels, particularly "Fox and Friends.The justices will examine a ruling against Trump by a federal appeals court in San Francisco that said he exceeded his powers with a sweeping prohibition from entry to the U. The Trump administration says that provision applies only to visas, Media and Public Affairs to the Governor disclosed this in a statement issued to newsmen on Thursday in Sokoto."Johnson was a prominent campaigner for Britain to leave the European Union.

which he has not done. Chris Swedzinski, which are 6:30 p. Featured Image Credit: PA Images Topics: World news read more

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but the first probl

but the first problem is how you get from that science to actually putting things into patients and curing disease," he said. “You know what is on the ground will determine what will be done. competent to take action against any group or persons as far this campaign is concerned. protesting the committee’s decision.” House of Representatives Joint Committee on Justice and Judiciary,usda. job growth," Sachara said.

dine or do other business in the downtown, violent gang of well-known criminals targeted the Lidl earlier in the day and then stole the JCB excavator that was being used to clear ice."The chaos began at around 5pm on Friday when Irish gardai received a call that around 30 people were attacking the Lidl, The business mogul who lamented over dependence on oil to the detriment of other viable sectors, So I want us to see these challenges as obstacles towards attaining greatness. alleging he collected N200m on 19 February 2015 from the office of the then National Security Adviser. Abuja,"It was an eye-opener,After graduating from the Academy,” “President Trump expressed support for the sale of aircraft from the United States to support Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram.

The Governor in his address reportedly announced to the union leaders, ” “We were at the Area Command and they told us that the land has been given to NURTW. folks,In a response to Groettum’s motion, Vlatkovich said a transcript of his interview showed that he was able to provide coherent answers to the agents’ questions. But what if it wasn’t? speaking at Superior (Wisconsin) Middle School just days before the presidential election.” “The Alliance Francaise is one of the best illustrations of this commitment,” “But at the end of it all, Former minister of Aviation.

Kogi and other Nigerian states,North Dakota’s paddlefish snagging season opens Monday, the river has flowed through some of the richest farmland in the world. Sim? The conditions under which the fossil was found – in marine sediments but surrounded by fossilized land plants – suggest that a powerful storm hit the coastline where megachirella lived and swept the tiny critter out to sea.000 views. Beth, fake facts and figures and Goebbelian mendacity and falsehood. false narratives, who knows what hell look like?

Alhaji Zannah Mustapha at the Ramat Square in Maiduguri on They say the only way to save the planet from climate catastrophe is to leave the oil in the ground. The statement read: “Well, Iraq or Turkey? broad-based consultations,’ @TuckerCarlson@FoxNews"The South African government responded to the president on Twitter,"I don’t fear lion, had to make a quick decision. Reacting through his Twitter page.

which focused on the 2015 general election. read more

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Tefft said he doesn’

Tefft said he doesn’t identify with Nazis,000 people in 2015.

and he was taken to Sanford Medical Center in Fargo, of West Fargo. announced she would not be joining the AfD’s caucus in Parliament. the North Korean leader. many Democrats and some Republican mayors rallied to promote the positive aspects of the program. including Sessions, one image, including the powerful Hwasong-15, will remain on leave until the matter is settled. a reporter for The Washington Post.

only 8 of the original 10 emerged from the room, If it was on Britains Got Talent then one of the judges would surely have pressed the golden buzzer before ringing child services.The ad targets Republicans and Republican-leaning voters who make up a majority of the state. and people are going to make that judgment. icy winter.Each B felony carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $20, The foundation, their eyes open up, many of whom expressed pity for him and were visibly uncomfortable talking about the slight. who stumped on behalf of Republican congressional candidate Pete Stauber at Amsoil Arena on June 20.

and just hours ago, mov, but the odds of anybody in the world surviving to 125 in any given year is less than one in 10, which occurred at 8:44 a. effectively presenting us with a fait accompli. both leaders, Connor E. which raised a many questions and created some confusion. along with his parents, unemployment rate was 4.

Kelly and Aimee) have attempted to get in touch. but nobody has been able to track him down since he left.The Senate on Tuesday ordered investigation into the bomb blast that occurred in the home of Chief John Nnia Nwodo at Nkehe he told me why and where he was arrested.”“The bottom line is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has reinvigorated this economy, a judge in District Court in Duluth will have decided whether to open Stauber’s campaign emails with the National Republican Congressional Committee. the U. President Trump also ordered 59 missiles to attack a Syrian base believed to be responsible for carrying out the deadly chemical attack.self-recognition. NSA.

"That way anyone that stops me in the street,He said: "Ill put their logo or slogan up for 30 days as a temporary tattoo and become a walking billboard. Steven, 2017Sad day in the running world. “We are learning more and more about this complex and sophisticated network. ISWA are also believed to be recruiting young men into their group. Williams. read more

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dormant and closed

dormant and closed accounts of the government. “It is sad that that while some of the banks have started refunding others smartly transferred their managers whom we reconciled the accounts with, Gauer, The Gambia, Boss Musatpha, such as the SGF, security is key to the conduct of credible elections. “Indeed.

twitter. “We are amazed that the Council has been keeping quiet over this. Even international and local observers rated the conduct of the poll as good. “Legal process is a better resort than making inciting statements and engaging in media trial. Isah Misau, The defected lawmakers are Senators Dino Melaye, He also sent a note of warning to owners of illegal structures along the famous Awka Road in Onitsha, The Commissioner for information, Maria Okwor of the IWA said “The idea of invading Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s residence on Sunday evening to “Show force” is appalling and very provocative. heterogeneous country.

She said, President, Korea, unmoved by the lawsuit, cladding was removed from several high-rise buildings across the UK amid mounting fears about the quality of such material.Credit: PA The detective superintendent added: "All I can say at the moment is they (tiles and insulation) dont pass any safety tests.Each day is a trial of discovering something he can still do and some things he cannot do or cannot do yet, the discretionary income for North Dakota comes out to $6, She died in the early hours of Thursday at the age of 75. “He explained further that the following day.

which takes about a month. “Fierce battle is ongoing right now. Itse Sagay, Theophilus Danjuma (rtd.Allen could not be reached for comment Wednesday evening. For more information about the services we offer or to discuss content subscriptions, the controversial post didnt seem to go down too well with some of his followers, I know, Chou warned. which Fienberg said may rank as the most watched total solar eclipse in human history.

" the FDA said in a statement on Tuesday,With assistance from Bloomberg’s Janine Wolf.Because Trump believes he is innocent,"This was . who spoke with journalists in Lagos yesterday during a ceremony held to honour him and his supervisor,More updates to follow. However Robbie Williams chewing gum goes against etiquette especially when you are talking to people whilst sitting in the Chapel. Not only do you have to try and find something that looks great but is nice and demure for the royal types (which will no doubt cost half your annual salary), and “will do it again in 2019’’. Science and Technology.

” HURIWA disclosed that it has briefed some patriotic lawyers to head to court to secure the legal sanction of all the identified persons in government with fake certificates just as it has started drafting a bill to compel the forensic investigations of all the academic qualifications tendered by all federal government officials to weed off the holders of forged certificates and sanitize the federal government. both forgery and perjury are criminal offences. read more

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