Classification website profit point deduction

In order to release this single information classification, this easy way to aggregate users. From this we can see that Web2.0 is a very easy way to communicate the concept, do the site before operation is the website operators active push, pull way of doing business, the user actually tired, more tired of website operators. Now based on WEB2. 0 of the application is based on allowing consumers to resonate with the application, which is easier to cut. In other words, the other is a super girl, want to sing, want to say, want to broadcast news, want to write, want to make. However, once the user turns up, it also represents the classification, may be related to the local portal website, live entertainment website, competition, and classification of paper media, the Focus Media will directly or indirectly compete. The first is the user overlap, to see who has great influence. For the website class competitors, how to strengthen the website stickiness, establish influence, which is the key problem in business thinking. No user will not have the basis of product sales, the site does not have no bargaining chip influence, it will have a negative impact on the site’s revenue collection. When a web site is aggregated to a critical point, users will be diverted to the site. We first look at the needs of the users of the classification site and their daily behavior map. read more

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The same monthly income of nearly million is difficult is easy

resolutely into the tide of Chinese regardless of personal danger in the network development site, believe that pure personal interest or to meet the growing public about the vast majority of players or for money, after all is a molecular material. Gold is hard to Amoy, two people may be successful, is a sub points do not, is a way not to seek the road to success by crooked heart, while different, but the result is successful, earn money, Amoy to gold, but the gold is flowing water, tomorrow is today stream flow, but also flow more, while the latter is not gold so, but like the rain, maybe one day even for a few days the money is also a dangerous situation, maybe even one day every day for several months of drought, low rain effect, smart people will try to artificial rainfall, but not smart? Dry dry crack collapse. read more

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Do not rely on advertising alliance can earn ten thousand yuan

many novice webmaster at the beginning, hold Wangzhuan the dream of getting rich, confident investment in 2-3 months after the energy is defeated, the website advertisement alliance with low flow rate and low price, in order to obtain benefits, Tingerzouxian embarked on a cheating way, the result is no exception, all accounts are frozen or delete. Although the advertising alliance is essential for most of the webmaster, many webmaster every month income are from different advertising alliance. But there are also a lot of advertising alliance opaque, small advertising alliance often appear buckle, no reason to delete the webmaster account, advertising content vulgar. Large low cost of advertising alliance, although there are relatively transparent background management, but still can not guarantee the actual click rate are converted into revenue. At the same time, the highest starting point of the large ad alliance is high, which will take a long time to accumulate some small webmaster, can not achieve the dream of making money. In fact, there is no need to get the benefits of advertising alliance to take the road, and here to say is not to rely on advertising alliance to get the benefits of the method. read more

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Blog to make money need to adhere to the progress

from high school to work hard now for 7 years, although there is no great achievement, but a little too. As long as the money and do not involve illegal, I have tried all walks of life. Pull off the truck to sell watermelon, agent brand, put off stall, do Internet cafes, selling breakfast, received mixed waste. Now listen to the uncle’s advice, concentrate on a brand. My parents are working, in the career can not give me too much help, but they have been silently support me, whether I was successful or failed. read more

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Bottom entrepreneur Survival Report give you 5 million you will burn

Abstract: the bottom of the entrepreneurial team, although the size of the small number of people, but often faced with the problem of exposure and no less than a large team. If these problems can not be dealt with in a timely manner, it will not be like the rich Lord in the capital under the cover of the gradual settlement of the air, but because the team did not have the money and the embarrassment of the final amplification, a fatal problem.

BAT is not the Internet world, the U.S. group, Jingdong, Ctrip these star enterprise in the world, but more is the bottom of the entrepreneurial world, they have deep background, there is no strong technical support, and some may be just a small team, not too much money. Their living conditions are more worthy of attention. Based on this starting point, the author of the bottom of the entrepreneur survival report released for the exposure of the entrepreneurial team and common problems here to do a summary. read more

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From watercress to know almost literature slow company is the time to make a transition

Abstract: micro-blog, WeChat and even now the popular broadcast platform, there is a reward function, one can create a good article, the author of the video, has not only want to get the harvest and satisfaction in spirit, they should also get money from content creation.

this is from the beginning of bad people make fun of young artists.

from the beginning of the decline of watercress, all passengers are back, there are micro envelope off, the entire Internet is full of businessmen mercenary and vulgar. read more

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The way of life and death experience business empire

cheetah co-founder, President and CTO Xu Ming for the students to share the feelings of Israel’s trip

dark horse said: Israel, a distant and mysterious country, is also a country of entrepreneurship. In the end is what kind of strength in this barren land to produce a new civilization?

in mid May, dozens of entrepreneurs, as the founder of the "dark horse tour of Israel two period" to investigate israeli. Along the way, they gain a lot. The night before leaving Israel, cheetah co-founder, President and CTO Xu Ming summed up the Israeli trip brought him to think about entrepreneurship. Chinese entrepreneurs in the end what can learn from Israel, please see Xu Ming’s wonderful sharing. read more

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s it really that easy

what is the most entrepreneurial fire now, I’m afraid most people will say that the content of entrepreneurship, especially in the Papi sauce, such as after the fire, and so on, the content of entrepreneurship is increasingly known and spread. In the IP network, flying red eruptions and national creative blowout today, the content industry tide seemed to move towards the era of unprecedented prosperity.

in the capital of winter in 2015, the content of entrepreneurship is extremely hot, and even the media will be 2015 as the first year since the media". At the beginning of this year, Papi sauce series of short video is the popularity of the content of entrepreneurship to climax, so many people from the media to see the content of the entrepreneurial era is surging. read more

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The golden age of enterprise services ndustry veterans fear BAT vertical 2B over winter

Abstract: catering, hairdressing, logistics, automotive aftermarket, developer services…… In these segments, there are a lot of companies focused on a particular area of business services. Based on their deep, you can rely on their own understanding of the industry and resources to grow slowly, gradually dominant, but then came the question is: to reach the ceiling of a particular industry, how to do.

is the golden age of enterprise services up to


from the investment data, it does seem so. "The number of business services financing is growing gradually in recent years, from 2013 120 to 2014 225, the growth rate reached 87.5%, and by the end of October 2015, the winter capital on the clamor, the financing amount still reached 248, more than the number of" 2014 annual financing provided to the media in the etheric article wrote investment director Zhu Beimin in an article, "no matter from the supply side or demand side, and the change of macro environment, indicates the arrival of the golden age of business services." read more

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Let big brother go to hell entrepreneurs should learn from people around

introduction: many entrepreneurs are the chiefs of the flock, "the true saying" but it went wrong — bigwigs "dream" and "feelings", may not be suitable for still struggling for you. In the era of the Internet community, to the center of the group learning, but it is more suitable for entrepreneurs to learn form.

in recent years the circle of friends and the public account has been filled with such an article: "Ma Yun", "golden sentences Lei Jun: we have to do", "pig on the outlet of xxAPP was XX billion financing, founder XX told secret at the XX summit"…… Despite the title of the party, the readability of the article, and the so-called big dry cargo for entrepreneurs really useful? I’m back in 2015 into 2016, also in thinking, all entrepreneurial grass root why blindly worship the so-called "big brother", "God", but only to the "big brothers" and learning read more

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How to reach the agreement between investors and entrepreneurs under the fragmentation of mass Entre

recalls the development of China’s venture capital circles in recent years, "fast" the word may be the first time a lot of people will think of the description. We do not even have to go back fifteen years ago, Ma and Ma Huateng overseas financing, even in the past seven years ago, after the economic crisis, China’s venture capital is sporadic rise. For a long time, venture capital in China is in a low frequency trading environment, the number of investment institutions and venture capital is not much. However, with the rapid development of China’s Internet business environment, venture capital industry has undergone great changes, whether it is investment institutions or entrepreneurial projects have experienced an outbreak. read more

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8868 hand travel trading platform CEO season is still Forbes the 30 entrepreneurs under the age of

(August 25th) afternoon, the 2015 will be held at Forbes venture cyanine during rendezvous, and announced in 2015 China "30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old" list, Mobile Games third party trading platform leading 8868 Mobile Games trading platform ( CEO are elected, and attended the ceremony.

  figure 1

season is still, 28 years old, the founder of the 8868 hand travel trading platform and CEO, the well-known game player, has a wealth of mobile Internet gaming experience. 26 years old in 2012, founded in Guangzhou, the 8868 hand travel trading platform, is committed to building a mobile phone game in the field of professional vertical electricity supplier. Won the 2014 Red Bull business model of the year March 2015, was selected in, Forbes, China’s top 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 list. In the tide of the rapid development of mobile games, the season is still the original CBC embedded transaction mode, only a short period of 2 years, 8868 Mobile Games trading platform has grown into a leading and unique Mobile Games trading site. As of March this year, 8868 months of water has more than $30 million. read more

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Didi founder Cheng Wei about the history of Entrepreneurship drops is to pass through

"after the idea of entrepreneurship, I consulted the people around, all people say not fly. But this is normal, this is the first venture, only to pull this off can be successful. At the beginning (2011, the driver master, the smart phone has not yet universal), everyone told me that the driver did not even have a smart phone, do not think of the idea of a taxi software……"


titanium media drops and fast, a hitherto unknown China in the history of the Internet burn war in 2014, and then again in 2015 with lightning. To outsiders, it’s like a dream. But in the process of CEO drops dimensional view, it is natural to hard work and after. read more

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Confessions of a restaurant off the record burn 7 lesson one million to buy the light


August 2014, Dong’s breakfast from burning one million, from the kitchen, and the food supplier delivery team to the supply chain have their own preparations, the risk and responsibility control in their own hands.

however, in this era of Internet entrepreneurs, a variety of heavy assets is obviously outdated. Dong entered the breakfast O2O at the beginning, the market is still a thriving. Now O2O breakfast market competition intensified, but helpless to Dong from the stage of history. read more

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From the end of the strongest Alfa dog preexistence later entrepreneurial dogs refueling

Abstract: London King’s Cross station after a six storey building, is the elite gathered in the headquarters of the DeepMind people quietly calculated toward DeepMind’s twenty years development plan ahead.

DeepMind London headquarters.

titanium media note: after Tuesday’s 4:1 win over Li Shishi, the Korean chess to AlphaGo (Alfa dog) a section of the nine honorary certificates issued, and gives a stunning world ranking of second in the world, only kija, integral than only kija 3621 points less than 35 minutes. read more

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10 dark dialogue about entrepreneurship the company did not want to adhere to the death of a girlfri

Abstract: the ideal situation is actually the boss 100% holding, reserved for the future partner 20%~40%. At the beginning of entrepreneurship is a person to say, the boss to save people, the future with good equity partners, with no good to let the fuck off.

editor press

this is a bit of Cam published two original articles, a lot of entrepreneurs and VC with a little bit of interaction with Cam (a little bit of the feeling that she can open a business consulting firm of Nima) (). This is a dialogue with entrepreneurs. read more

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Cloud HR Zenefits venture will only 2 years of valuation will break 3 billion



technology news Beijing time on April 22nd afternoon news, the U.S. technology blog TechCrunch quoted sources as saying that the human resources startups Zenefits valuation has exceeded $1 billion, and now from the company was founded only two years.

Zenefits helps small and medium enterprises to manage human resource services more conveniently. Similar to other contemporary enterprise services, Zenefits wants to design a more simple process for employee compensation and benefits management. The company provides free human resources services to enterprises, and through the insurance company to collect commissions to obtain income. read more

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The content of entrepreneurship prosperity and expansion of start up enterprises around the left af

"Internet plus", "mobile terminal fragmentation"…… The rapid spread and the occurrence of random at any time and place, determines the prosperity and expansion of our times.

too many small teams who emerge, too many entrepreneurs create too many different signs and counter attack, and all this behind the brilliant, also had a lot of ants, rolling die on the road of entrepreneurs, who can not find the value orientation of the business.

wave will settle down to Sentosa, nature is "high quality". read more

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Millet founded 6 years for the first time outside experts exchange business millet Lei Jun Readme

sina science and technology news July 8th evening news, millet technology recently held an external expert seminar, the founder of Lei Jun at the meeting talked about the original intention of 6 years and millet. Millet side said that this is the first comprehensive summary of millet 6 years of entrepreneurial thinking. Lei Jun took 3 hours, talked about why he founded do millet, millet, and millet will be where to go.

before, said Lei Jun, founder of millet from so far, he has been doing a limit test, cut down the cost of marketing, no expert, shaoshuoduozuo, relying on the powerful force of the product to convince you. read more

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Li Kaifu the most afraid of smart entrepreneurs do not focus

lead: Mr. Li Kaifu as an investor, a dragonfly FM, and puts forward some suggestions for today’s entrepreneurs, to express their own views.

written in front of the words: Dragonfly FM is one of the projects of innovation works investment, currently has 200 million users, 10 million active users, a road industry ranked first, the valuation has reached hundreds of millions of dollars. Mr. Li Kaifu as an investor, a dragonfly FM, and puts forward some suggestions for today’s entrepreneurs, to express their own views, also as in the past to his young friends keep expectation and confidence. read more

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