love the mule the advantages and disadvantages of TAGS

We all know that

, a stand of total number included is a boundary, the boundary is according to the weights of the site. If your website weight is not high, large amounts of content, if add TAGS, which included the amount of content of the site itself is difficult to improve, because TAGS has included a large amount of. But most of the webmaster in TAGS added that The more, the better., we can see that many websites TAGS page only one or two articles, this page is of no use for the user and the Shanghai dragon, and the TAGS is also very difficult to bring traffic, specific reason not to say. read more

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HTML5 search engine optimization effect for the future


2.Article: the marker for text content. [< article> < />] tag, search engine will know good recognition in the inside of the content.

HTML5 came into being, many owners, developers have no small impact between designers and experts in Shanghai dragon. Because it can be seen from the body the future development of website optimization and web design and trend. In today’s most common Web language in considering the use of HTML5, and the effect of the designers and developers feel satisfied. Some large sites leading Internet development is gradually accepted and applied to the HTML5 website, such as Facebook and other popular web sites. The reason is that it provides more flexibility for them as designers and developers. HTML5 combined with CSS3 to replace Flash in the animation and effects. The use of Canvas production, conversion, transformation, gradual increase of free web design and developers. Similarly, HTML5 brought no small impact on search engine optimization, the question now is, as Shanghai Longfeng us, how to make good use of the characteristics of HTML5, we want to achieve the optimization effect. read more

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The relationship between the stage and the soft Shanghai Longfeng website ranking

love the stars here remind webmaster friends a search engine to crawl web content, is the main content of the website is novel, readability and practicability is strong enough as a main basis to judge the pseudo original articles first in the novel certainly insufficient, at the same time a large number of plagiarism directly leads to the decrease of its readability greatly, also can let the reader feel very copycat. In the course of time, the website keep customers, website hits are not, the user’s search experience is poor, then the site is down right is also a matter of time. So the pseudo original can not bring good results to the site, it will affect the normal website ranking and user experience, is still obsessed with pseudo original stationmaster friends not to spend some time to write some high quality original content, so your website can become better and better. read more

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Ji Xinzhi Octopus hunting 8 extended keywords

Octopus Hunting: Shanghai dragon expansion keywords

positive thinking, do Shanghai dragon general judgment keywords do, is through the query tool, select the competition is low, search index, ranking by home etc.. 8 kinds of combination of extended keywords according to the octopus skills, I start with different functions and product attribute extension. If the product is selling shoes, according to gender: Men’s shoes; material: sheepskin leather shoes; price: cheap shoes; according to the color: black leather shoes; by use: sports shoes shoes. read more

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To improve website traffic through four steps



description can be continuously improve the search engine’s favor, but also can attract visitors attention, to search through the visitors, they are more accustomed to reading the title, look at the description, and then click into feeling good will. At the same time, let them find the real want to find content. This way, you do not want to increase website traffic is difficult.

site title should be streamlined and attractive

said earlier, the choice of keywords, must pay attention to key competitiveness, at the same time, whether there is a popular keyword selection and selection of long tail keywords are very important. So the choice of keywords cannot choose search less. The choice of competitive small, not what people search for, then, even if the site keywords ranking do the first, but still can not improve the flow. Therefore, the choice of keywords, we must pay attention to the amount of search keywords. read more

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How to set up the accurate flow expand keyword matching mode


– contains: when users precise phrase search words completely contain your keywords, the system could automatically show your promotion results.

matching: when users search for words and your highly relevant keywords, even if you did not submit these words, you may also get chance to show promotion results.

has not done for friends, after reading the above love Shanghai official explanation, the first feeling should choose wide, love Shanghai official stressed that "highly relevant and get more opportunities to show", the reality also is indeed a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises for the account of the keyword matching mode widely, but the truth is, if you set the keywords matching mode widely, your advertising costs at least fifty percent of the above is the waste, such as XX technology a customer is doing adult English training, if the pattern for a wide range of word keywords "adult English training set, then it will match the primary school English training" and "primary school English training class", "junior high school English training" and "the third grade English class" and so on a large number of key words, and these words clearly Never mind and our services. read more

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Xiao Jun the love of Shanghai know the chain of practical experience and some experience

2, have a certain level of account to send links, but the limited number of successful.

account when answering questions in addition to text content with a link address, I think this is the most commonly used mode we do outside of the chain on this platform. If this is the only reply text will pass, but as long as after the reply submitted will enter the audit Riga link state, will show below the situation.

first is sure to love Shanghai know the account, a few years ago I love Shanghai registered account, but has not been used, now account grade is only four, but according to share online article said the link level Four can be, so I went to register a new comparing account operation. read more

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What are the commonly used methods of website construction of the chain


Links is one of the most effective all the chain in the chain construction, exchange Links must exchange Gao Quanzhong, strong correlation between the web. Links exchange can be difficult to do some keyword exchange several websites, business website recommended chain in 20-30 months, electricity providers, portals and other large sites in channel exchange chain. Links can improve keyword rankings, the PR value of the grade.

love Lee in Shanghai "on the chain a judgment" issued, to determine what is junk the chain and the chain of cheating. How can we in the daily website optimization better, effectively increase the chain? The small dimension tell us about what are the commonly used methods to increase the chain. read more

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How to network company under the new situation to optimize the recruitment of suitable talents

With the increase of

1. candidates Shanghai dragon skills and practical experience of

2. of the industry sensitivity and the ability to observe

in Shanghai Longfeng not only had the skill can cope with the development of the industry, the applicant must pay close attention to industry trends, have a keen sense of smell and observation ability. Nowadays in Shanghai dragon industry are numerous, and really get paid but talk about, the reason is not to grasp the core technique optimization. It is the early bird catches the worm, the algorithm constantly updated, Shanghai dragon want the website to get rapid ranking must have a unique set of strategies. And a keen sense of smell to change in the industry trend. read more

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What is the most important bear Shanghai Dragon

first of all I want to say is, he used the mass, but he’s not here we imagine sending emails the chain, but the text type of mass information, here bear also suggest you don’t use group to send abroad. He use of bulk hair is BBS, because this is the customer, so the wolf did not say the words, so I do not know a word, according to the word of competition is not great, he made some slightly in bulk before preparation, such as the optimization of the page itself, such as bold, density, Title optimization. Ready after 50-100 every hair, third days have been so the negative information of the word has dropped to the second page, fifth days out of second, while the last page spent 4 days, by the end of this article the time today. Love Shanghai and GG of the keyword search results page before page three, almost all his masterpiece. Love Shanghai and GG seems to be because the sending time is too short, did not make obvious reaction. After this release, the impact is relatively large. About 60% of the search results page content, click inside are not content. Basically is the moderator of the forum to delete, but there will also be a part of it is normal. The author is not a novice, I personally feel that this is not only the case told the ranking, but the Shanghai dragon thinking, because ZZ has been changed, may also be a model used in 10 sites, 6 stations, the effect is good, but the 4 station may not necessarily work, so in Shanghai the dragon is not just the most important content, is not only the chain, which is the most basic, Shanghai dragon is the most important thinking. read more

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The basic point of Shanghai dragon ER Optimization Website content and the chain and points for atte

A: on the website of

three: on the site outside the chain

We often say

two: a content update time

here we do not speak the other optimization basic point, the content of the website and the part of the chain we only talk about.

we all know the chain more of a web site, search engine to the site’s weight is high, a lot of friends will ask, how to improve the chain site for some weight? On site outside the chain more, what does not matter, I know a website on a page, but the PR has reached 7! Here is not to say it outside of the chain is how much, anyway. For the station, we take only the chain method is: 1, insert the key words in the article, to do keyword links to web pages, 2, inserted in the article such as domain name; 3, insert the key words in the article (38 +. Net + funny.). In spider’s perspective and the perspective of the website source code, the weight is certainly in the. read more

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The description tag have an indirect impact on the ranking can not be ignored

search engine is not currently possible to calculate in the description tag ranking algorithm inside, but users will see the description of the website. According to a survey concluded that, when users see the website description than the website title longer, indicating that the user is extremely concerned about this description. If the user in that it wants to see the description from the accurate description of what they need website. If we do not write, but let the search engine to crawl, obviously not so accurate. Of course, I don’t need a page for each site to write the description tag, but home is a must, this is the demand from the user point of view we also need to write. read more

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See the robots protocol from Tmall official website eleven


once a year is coming soon, the so-called outsider lively, experts see road. Tmall double eleven official website of the robots.txt protocol to write clearly aimed at love Shanghai search engine, because the protocol from the site of robots.txt, we can find that the site has clearly does not allow search engines love Shanghai.

so why many search engines do not comply with the robots agreement? Is actually very simple, is to benefit. Take the theme of this paper, Tmall double eleven it itself is a means of marketing, the marketing means is Ma made, who will buy it? Nature is people. Well, we have 30 million people go to Taobao shopping, so there are high quality potential user groups of 30 million people, these user groups are Chinese people, Chinese people use the most is the love of Shanghai, Shanghai or Shanghai in addition to love love, then so many people who don’t know Tmall double sure eleven of the website, they must be in love with the sea search about it, at least before I do not know the official website of Tmall eleven, but I think Tmall and Volkswagen, such a big event, the first name is love Shanghai certainly, but the author and the public were disappointed. Shanghai love never included official website Tmall double eleven. One of the deal for the love Shanghai is no love, because Shanghai does not care about the money, but if the core things lost, love Shanghai certainly does not sit, then it will not take into account the text of the robots.txt. read more

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Google Chairman Amazon is the biggest rival search field

recently Google is facing huge political pressure in Europe in Germany, Berlin Schmidt said, Google should not be under strict government supervision of the Internet as a "gatekeeper", after all, Amazon and Facebook and other competitors from the United States also has a huge influence.

has conducted a survey of four years, and is currently on the filing of a formal procedure, the European Commission recently rejected third settlement offered by Google. At the same time, the provisions on the right to be forgotten, forcing Google to remove thousands of links to search services in europe. In addition, Google is currently facing the European regulatory authorities alone investigation for Android, said Google alleged by preferential agreements to attract mobile phone manufacturers use the intelligent mobile phone platform and related mobile services. < > read more

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The common problems in the use of noble baby Analytics three

through a simple experiment to prove this point, when we visit the site, Analytics will access the page number of noble baby browsing through cookie records every time. Click the back button, forward, or refresh button, to observe the change of the cookie value can determine the page browsing is being recorded to. The following is my access to your blog, click the back button after the change of the cookie value of the noble baby Analytics.

, the first problem is that when a visitor in the browser website, click the back button at the top of the browser, whether the baby will record a noble Analytics page views. The answer is yes. In the process of access to the site, whether visitors click back or forward the refresh button, Analytics will record nobility baby for a page. The visitors by clicking on the link in the open new page is the same. They are recorded as a pageviews (PV). read more

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Practice is the biggest power let you progress

many people do in Shanghai Longfeng, very afraid of being punished site. Just like what is said in the story, if you have not received the lesson, it is difficult to National Cheng Kung university. In our Shanghai dragon optimization, so. If you have not experienced the site right down, you do not know the site down right after how to save weight. I personally engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work 1 and a half years in my hand is right down the site around 5, because some sites are black, some because of excessive optimization, either because of a chain problem. But I never think this is what bad things, this is a very valuable experience for me, I learned how to deal with these problems website. > read more

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The chain for the emperor the emperor era is past content for the age


if you are in the chain for the emperor in the time to do the Shanghai dragon, then you have out

in addition to high quality content, the second is the layout of the site keywords. A good website layout keywords can let you save the hair of the chain of time, I never had a website, is building, the key layout, the results 4 days later found that almost all keywords have ranking, some even directly on the front page of course! Here is the main keywords, not those who did not search long tail index. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng chain construction from Google bomb case

"Google bomb" refers to the numerous specific keywords as anchor text to a URL page, and is generally not included in this URL link specific keywords are irrelevant and even content and keywords. This effect is when the search for specific keywords in Google, pointing to the URL rankings tend to the very front rank, although no relationship between content and keywords.

There are many forms of

from the real combat experience we also see the chain is an important factor in ranking. The role of the anchor text is very important. Although this is a story of 10 years ago, but in fact most of the webmaster until today is still considered the chain and the anchor text is a great influence of the rankings, although Google update algorithm, the algorithm updates the love of Shanghai, but we still as in the past in the manufacture of "Google bomb bomb", "love Shanghai". The difference is we are not for the purpose of practical joke or experiment, but purely in order to improve their site keywords ranking. read more

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The enterprise how to do well in the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization

then is the key deployment and optimization of the internal links. Don’t choose the following form: the keyword is too popular, big door, occupy a strong professional maintenance team, Shanghai dragon optimization search engine shield, choose another location of key words don’t close too wide pan, goods and services if they have the best keywords plus area. The door is too hot, and there is a strong professional households occupy the Shanghai dragon optimization team to maintain the word, because the competition is too intense, some stations have very high weight, it is difficult to go beyond them, the ranking is also difficult to make up. This can be through the optimization of the long tail keywords to get a lot of traffic and customer service, about how to optimize the long tail keywords will be introduced later. Choose the right keywords to publish content, content to have a good experience for the user. Optimization of the internal links, this will make the search engine crawling direction so as to improve the web site overall weight. When a web site is very large, he get good rankings rely on internal links can. read more

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Shanghai love alliance text keyword search product line

easy to operate: convenient access code, without the development of

new articles, advertising words crawl takes time, estimate about 2 hours into the existing articles immediately.



is popular to say that the content of text link ads, keyword search products, is suitable for the ordinary traffic to the site, can be distributed in the web page text, through the embedded keywords, users click on the jump to love Shanghai keyword search results page, click on the search results page business promotion content, resulting in income and website into the traffic product realization. read more

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