PNG goes down by 1 to Fiji

first_imgThey lost 5-4 in day 2 of hockey matches.It was a match that saw both teams go neck to neck at each other as the more experienced hockey women’s teams showed how the sport is really played.It was a disappointing loss for PNG despite going down by one point to Fiji 5-4.First period of the match saw the competition’s leading scorer, Fiji’s number 10 Tiara Dutta open the scoring which later saw PNG’s Caroline Mulina respond, levelling the score.Close encounters by both teams saw the scores remain the same till the second period when Fiji through captain Catherine Thaggard found the box as shec scored her 5th goal since day 1 of hockey began yesterday.PNG’s Jessica Kevan responded with a second goal to PNG leaving both teams tied at 2 all before the last two minute break.Good guarding by PNG goalie Rosemary Miria prevented what could have been a spurt for Fiji in goals in the last period blocking off a good number of shots from the Fijian ladies.Fiji again opened the last 15 minutes with a goal from Lala Ravatu as PNG’s Miria was yet again put to the test to defend her goal line from the fierce Fijian attack.PNG captain Terry Kiapin gracefully dribbled the ball into the Fijian territory where she managed to score, claiming her second goal in the competition at 3 points all.Competition leading scorer Tiara Dutta again attacked the PNG goal mouth where she managed to get the ball past Miria, taking Fiji to the front 4-3.Fiji’s Lala Ravatu managed to get her second goal extending their lead further to 5-3.Pressure started to build up amongst the PNG girls as they were down by 2 in the last period, Kari Raurela managed to get the ball past the Fijian goalie reducing the gap to 5-4.Last minute attempts to secure another goal from Fiji failed as the hooter went off ending the match at 5-4, a disappointing loss yet a strong match between the top hockey countries.last_img

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